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Carl Ransom Rogers 1902 - 1987


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It seems to me that it can sometimes be useful going back to basics. I hope that this site is useful to all those that describe themselves as Person-Centred People, Practitioners, Students based on the theory, values and principles described and theorised by Carl R Rogers and colleagues.

I also hope that this site helps somewhat to dispel the misinterpretation and thinking that Client-Centred Therapy and the Person-Centred Approach is just based on three simple conditions often cited by those that seem to have a limited understanding of the approach or find it difficult to commit to the principles of this approach. Critics of the Person-Centred Approach are welcome and encouraged to have their say and as do those that wish to celebrate the approach too. I will be more than happy to post a page of constructive critique and/or celebration.

In addition to Carl Rogers theory there has been some amazing ongoing theoretical debate & papers that have built upon the Person-Centred Approach and have affirmed, challenged or complimented the original theory.

Significantly Rogers stated that the formative tendency with reference to the person-centred  approach:-

'I wish to point to two related tendencies which have acquired more and more importance in my thinking as the years have gone by. One of these is an actualizing tendency, a characteristic of organic life. One is a formative tendency in the universe as a whole. Taken together, they are the foundation blocks of the person-centered approach.'

(Carl R Rogers - A Way of Being)

Significantly for me I believe it takes immense courage and integrity to commit oneself to Person-Centred values, principles and beliefs whatever the setting or circumstances. Being open to ones own experiencing of self and/or in relation to others can be at times both scary and comforting, yet nevertheless healing.

When I feel that I am limited in who I am and what I might do, I lose a sense of personal freedom,

When I pass or challenge my limitations and glimpse my potential, I just yearn for more freedom,

 This freedom seems infinite and syntropic, probably terrifying and disempowering for those that try to control it and empowering for those that don't.

Steve W-S

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